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HVAC / Mechanical design
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What Pinnacle Engineering Group Can Offer Our Clients

Pinnacle  Engineering  Group,  P.A. has an excellent reputation for providing building related
programming,  analysis,  design,  &  construction phase services for both new construction and
renovation  projects  in commercial,  governmental,  educational,  and  health care  facilities.
Project developers, industrial firms, commercial building operators, government organizations,
educational, and health care building owners and performance contractors have used the firm
on projects  as  diverse  as  energy  analysis  to  major  hospital  additions.  For design projects,
Pinnacle Engineering Group maintains a staff of hand-picked professionals trained specifically
for engineering design & retrofit projects.
Introduction & Company Overview

Pinnacle Engineering Group,  P.A.  is a full service Mechanical,  Electrical,  Plumbing,  Fire
Protection and Energy Management  Control System Engineering Firm.   Our formula is quite
simple: Deliver a quality product, on time & in budget
(Every Time) !  This, combined with our
team's  commitment  to  sense,  serve,  &  meet   the  needs  of  our  clients,  has  established
our firm's service reputation.

Pinnacle Engineering Group employees average over 20 years of experience. This, combined
with our responsive client centered approach to engineering has made us a favorite to provide
on-going  (multi-year contract)  services to the Department of Management Services,    Florida
State University, Gulf Coast Community College, Leon County schools, &  Bay Medical Center
to name just a few.     We have provided Mechanical   /   Electrical    /   Plumbing and Energy
engineering services for commercial office buildings, educational facilities, hospitals, military
installations,  hotels,  city and county governments,  office buildings,  commercial institutions,
and retail centers.   Pinnacle Engineering Group, P.A. has achieved a strong reputation in the
engineering consulting field as a dedicated & committed company whose emphasis on detail
and customer satisfaction is unrivaled in the industry.
Fire Safety Systems
Energy Conservation
Master Planning
Florida Engineering Business # 9793
Craig H. Allen, P.E. - President